Making Today Greater through Caring

Help us build a better educational foundation for children by partnering to provide learning resources and improve school infrastructure.

Committed to
Helping underprivileged children access quality education, promoting economic stability for families in poverty, enabling communities to thrive through lighting, sanitation and water sustainability programmes.

We are

Janna Lynne Africa Community Development Organisation, a non-profit organisation registered in the Republic of Kenya.

Through our curated public benefit programmes and projects we help children and communities by providing learning resources, water, solar power and development of infrastructure.

The Mission

Building a wholesome and brighter future for the least privileged children and communities, through environmental & infrastructure improvement.

By supporting them through public benefit programmes; water sustainability, solar power and development of learning infrastructure. 

A Vision for a Brighter Day

To improve the living standards for the underprivileged children and communities.

Through community development programmes, quality education, employment opportunities, solar energy and lighting programmes.


primary school students

Education for Children

Since October 2015 we have been helping children access quality education by providing meals and paying for school tuition.

In Kenya COVID-19 related school closures, interrupted learning for over 17 million children. (ref)

With your support we help children access learning resources. By improving the school infrastructure we create conducive learning environments for children.


delivering food supplies to a primary school

Food Supplies

We provide meal sessions, food supplies and dining infrastructure to primary school students through our food programmes. 

Following dry spells caused by five consecutive years of insufficient seasonal rainfall, 3.5 million Kenyans in the arid and semi-arid lands experienced severe food insecurity by February 2022. (ref. 1)

Good food nutrition is vital to the health of a child, by providing a variety of food supplies to children we ensure that they are able to access education effectively. 

We also provide education on the importance of nutrition for children.

We Focus on Foundational Programmes

Causes that transform lives, and programmes that yield compounding benefits to children and communities. 

By focusing and pursuing the development of public-benefit projects we create multiple opportunities for growth.

ongoing construction of some of our projects


Our projects are made possible through funding from generous donors and sponsors through our programmes.

Time-based fixed events with a deadline, fall under our projects activities. 

Building classrooms, libraries and sanitation infrastructure are some of the projects we aim to develop.

During the evaluation process we plan on the setup of infrastructure, after in-depth analysis is conducted a project is created.


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