the staff

Janna Lynne Africa Community Development Organization (JLACDO) is a nonprofit organisation located in Nyeri County. We are registered and recognised by the government of the Republic of Kenya as an NGO, we operate in Kenya by supporting underpriviledged children and communities.

How we Started

We noticed pain points that needed to be addressed like how public primary schools had poor infrastructure, children lacked learning resources, families struggled in providing for their children, inadequate rainfall severely affected food security.

We knew we had to act, therefore we started a journey to register an NGO with the Kenyan government.

With like minded individuals who share our ambitions for change and growth we aim to solve pain points for children and communities.

Today we are a team of eight individuals with the experience and knowledge required to accomplish help us advance our public-benefit programmes and projects. 

For 7 years and counting we have been enabling children access quality education.

We began our mission-oriented operations in October 2015, under the elegant leadership of; Janna Lynne King, William Irungu Maina and Preshay Marquita Knight as sole private members of RelianceFoundation4Kenya located in Ndenderu, Kiambu County.

children learning via a tablet

The Beneficiaries

Our aim is to impact the lives of underprivileged children & families. 


Through your generous donations and sponsorships we fund children's education, create opportunities for the youth through our infrastructure projects and improve the financial stability for families living in poverty.


Take for instance the water sustainability programme. The programme creates opportunities of growth for the youth & families by enabling them to confidently practice small-scale farming to sustain themselves even in the semi-arid regions.


By donating to the cause of education you fund programmes that enable a child to have access to; Learning resources (books, stationery), school uniform and nutritional food

delivering food supplies to a primary school

Your donations

We value every contribution made to support our causes. 

We have responsible and educated staff that handle and manage your contributions. We also record every transaction made to us and document how we use donations. For every public projects displayed on our website we provide statistics and reports regarding the use of finances.